Thursday, April 8, 2010


I found this on the Garmin Connect website. Very cool technology. There is no display on it. It wirelessly connects to my GPS watch or to my computer. Automatically transfers lots of data. A little pricey but at some point will be mine.

Here are the details

Speaking of data. I recently was reviewing some of my runs last year on the Garmin Connect site. Looking at my Burning River 100 information reminded me of how 5 miles out of 100 can deeply impact the overall results. Check out the splits for miles 43, 56, and 61. Miles 82 to 86 were the Perkins Trail at night.

Running Update
I am treading water between the National Marathon and Cleveland Marathon. Good news is that I am very fit and marathon paced miles come easy. The hard part of the training is the motivation. Good weather helps and it is getting lighter earlier each day. It just has been a long training period since December.

Chaney Events Update
We are finally getting into the season. Weekends are becoming busy....which is good news. I will be taking on more races than I originally planned. Look for a few cool and unique events this Fall and Winter.


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