Monday, April 28, 2008

Post Marathon Strategy

What to do after running an injury riddled marathon? Go see the B-52's of course! The last time I saw them was at Blossom Music Center while in high school. I had my wisdom teeth pulled either that day or the day before, I can't remember. I do remember having a great time and spitting blood most of the night. No blood this time.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Race Report - Boston Marathon

Q: Boston or Bust

A: Bust

I have been dragging my feet about reporting on my Boston run. I guess there was nothing I could have done differently and it was just one of those things. A few weeks ago I twisted my knee coming down some steps. It has been lingering for the last month. At mile 5 of the Boston Marathon I felt some discomfort in the knee. I pretty much ignored it until my knee "popped" around mile 10. I came to a sudden stop and hobbled over to the med tent. The medical people on the course were great. They sat me down right away, gave me Gatorade, scanned my bib so that if someone was looking for me I would be recorded as "out". After some time sitting in the med tent I was given a choice of either waiting for the bus and getting a ride back, or continuing on. I decided to just get to the next medical station then make a final decision. Once I got going at a very slow trot I decided just to run it out and deal with the discomfort. It is Boston.

Three hours and fifty minutes later I crossed the line. A new PW (personal worst). I did learn many things that day about mid-pack runners, and I have gained a new respect for those who are out on the course for that long (and longer).

Now it is on to an appt with the good Dr. Shah. We will plot a new course and forge ahead. Stay tuned.
Joey Phillips and I are on the far right in the photo taken at the 30K mark.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Boston Marathon Update

All things considered...I am ready for Boston. One final week of training then we head out on Friday. Friends and family can track my progress on the website. My bib number is 1617. I am also participating on a team. Here is a list of some of my friends that are also running:

1155 - Matthew Whitis (Masters Team Member)
1178 - Kam Lee
1183 - Mark Godale
1366 - Matt Young
1372 - Rich Wisneski
1540 - Bob Flajnik (Masters Team Member)
1617 - Me (Masters Team Member)
1766 - Steve Godale
3138 - Matt Pazderak
3375 - Lloyd Thomas
6222 - David Peterman
6818 - Joey Phillips
7431 - Jamie Carr
9599 - Mike Seymour


Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Down (and out) with Two To Go

For the first time in years I took a full week off from running. My knee was worse than I thought and kept me sidelined for the week. I tried running on Wednesday and made it about 1/4 of a mile. That was it. Fortunately I was in a recovery week, so my normal mileage would be low. I also had a busy week with the Field Trip and work. As the weekend approached the knee felt good but I was a little timid about running on it. Lloyd was hosting a Fat Ass 50K (informal group run with no aid or assistance) on the trails. This sounded like a good option to run on a soft surface and test the knee on the hills. I met Ed along with about 50 other people for this run today. Ed and I took off and led the group for about 12.5 miles. The knee was a little tight at first, but quickly warmed up and felt fine. This is great news. I ran strong and was able to charge up the hills and slog through the mud with no problems. I was a little rusty and clearly felt as if I haven't run in a week. I should be back to full strength by Tuesday. I will continue to take my Aleve and ice (yes Jo, ice) the knee for the next week.

Boston is two weeks away. I have an 8x800 workout on Tuesday and a long run on Wednesday. I am anxious for the marathon this time and have a hopefully smart plan on how to tackle Boston. Stay tuned...


Friday, April 4, 2008

The Last Field Trip

I went with the 4th grade students from Fort Island yesterday to the Ohio Statehouse building. This is probably the last field trip that I will go on with Maddie as a child. The teenage years are closing in and clearly I will not be as welcomed to tag along. We had a lot of fun and everyone seemed to learn a little about the history of Ohio government, including me. After the Statehouse visit we hit COSI for the rest of the afternoon.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

National Half Marathon

One week before the National Half Marathon I was walking down some steps and twisted my knee. The following week was difficult as my running took a backseat. My goal was to PR at this half. I thought that the rest would help...but it didn't. I went out at my goal pace but quickly realized that my knee would not take it. Plan B was to back it down and run at marathon pace. Fortunately I met a guy before the race who was running the marathon at my goal pace. I hooked up with him for the final 6 miles after backing it down. I was also bummed a bit about the weather. It was a beautiful 70 degrees in DC the day before as I came into town. The cold followed me and starting time temps were around 33. At least it was sunny.

Overall I am disappointed, but I also know the knee can handle marathon pace. Maybe the real plan B is to cautiously try to PR at Boston then go for a half PR at Cleveland.


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