Sunday, December 27, 2009

National Marathon Training - 12/28 to 1/3

I have been pretty good about following my training plan for the National Marathon, but have had a few schedule conflicts disrupt it a little. This is the first week where I will really lock onto the schedule. I will only hit 90+ three times during the this week is important.

Mon 12/28 - 10 miles easy
Tue 12/29 - 2 mile warm up + 4 miles @ 6:30 pace + 4 mins easy + 3 miles @ 6:20 pace + 3 mins easy + 2 miles @ 6:15 pace + 2 mins easy + 1 mile @ 6:15 pace + 2 mile cool down
Wed: AM - 8 miles with Damon / Matt / Rich. PM - 9 miles with Seymour and Dobos.
Thu: 10 easy miles
Fri: 10 easy miles @ Boston Store with Ed and group
Sat: 10 miles with Nakel at doughnut run
Sun: 2 miles easy + 4 miles @ 6:00 pace + 10 miles easy + 2 x 2 miles @ 6:15 pace with 2 min easy between + 2 miles cool down
Total = 95 miles

I have to remember that easy means easy!

+ Logan heads back to Ohio U on the 3rd. I think he is really ready to get back!
+ Maddie got a guitar for Xmas. I hope she stays interested in it. If so....lessons will start in the Spring.
+ Jo will hopefully be running the half in DC while I do the marathon. We will be staying a block from the Capitol. I am really looking forward to the trip.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Plan in Place

Well my 18% chance for Western States may have well been 0%. I didn't get in, which is too bad because I really doubt I will run another 100 just to qualify for Western again. So the table is set for the National Marathon in DC on March 20th. This gives me enough time to train and not overtrain. It also gives me a second chance should the National not go according to plan. I can always regroup and do either the Flying Pig or Cleveland.

Congrats to the Burning River 100 miler. It has been selected as the 2010 USATF Trail 100 National Championship. I am timing / webcasting / helping this national exposure to Chaney Event Management is on the way.

Got a good 18 miler in today. Final pace was around 6:54 which is not that big of a deal. What was important was that I ran miles 2-5 around 6:20 pace with no impact on the rest of the run. I backed it down on the carriage trail then picked it back up on the way back. The 6:45-6:55 remainder of the run seemed pretty relaxed. This is a good starting point. The key will be to hook up as much as I can with people who run faster than me.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

On the clock

The Western States lottery is in 6 days. I have an 18% chance of getting in. It would be very cool to make it as this was one of my "bucket list" items, but if I don't I don't. I have also been waiting for December 5th to decide on which marathon to run. Originally it was going to be the day I signed up for Boston....but it closed in record time. The economics of Boston prevent them from making the qualifying standards tougher (which they should to). I will just have to enter next year on the first day of registration. Anyway my choices are down to two different marathons. I will more than likely run the National Marathon in DC. I ran the half two years ago and enjoyed the course. Jo and I can stay with Dave and Liz as well which makes it nice. Liz is a rising star in Washington. Maybe one day I can run this marathon and bunk at the White House! My backup plan is the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. I will make my final decision on the 5th.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Plan B

Well I sat on my rear end and thought I could sign up for Boston in December. WRONG! It sold out in record time! I will keep my eyes open on any opportunity to jump in....but I will now have to find a plan B. I would like a destination type marathon for Jo and I to get away. Any suggestions?

Club XC Nationals is in a month. I will most likely be slow at that race. I really am not motivated to race well as much as I am to just participate.

December 5th is a big day. The Western States 100 lottery drawing is that day. 1,600 applicants vying for 300 spots. Fat chance I will get in. If not an ultra may be out for 2010.

John N is getting the Hood to Coast team together. I would like to be in top shape for that.

Blog updates have slowed down due to this thing called Facebook. Instant gratification always wins.


Monday, October 19, 2009

What's Next?

I paced the 3:20 group at the Columbus Marathon this past weekend. I really had a nice time and all went well. Running slower does not always translate to running easier. Holding a super steady pace for 26 miles has its own challenges. Here is a photo Jo took around the 12 mile mark.

My work with the Copley Cross Country team has pushed me over the edge to hook up once again with my Masters friends and hit the USATF Club Cross Country National Championship in December. I have put together an aggressive 8 week program to follow. The good news is that I have a huge base and many of the workouts are really extensions of what I have been giving the HS team this year. Should be fun.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Update

I have been blog slacking lately. I don't expect things to pick up anytime soon, so I will post general updates from time to time. Once November rolls around I will really really try to journalize my Boston training. So...on with the show....

Thanks to Jo for everything. She was sweet enough to come down and watch me practice pace at the Towpath Marathon. She will also come down to Columbus for my real pacing duties. I have the 3:20 group. I am looking forward to it. It definitely carries a different kind of pressure, but I think it will be fun. Hopefully the winds are kind and the balloons I am carrying don't carry me away.

Jo and I saw KISS a week or so ago. They played everything from ALIVE...their live breakthrough album. It was great as I expected. A few too many indoor fireworks for Jo. Thanks for hanging in there dear!

Cross Country has been much more rewarding than I expected. The team has really come together and have improved nearly every week. I really hope they can pull a rabbit out of the hat and move through Districts to Regionals. It would be a great team experience.

I am hoping to go back to work soon. I will detail everything once it is finalized. Stay tuned...

My second job is also about to start. I have decided to officially start a Race Event Management company. I hope to provide a service that will complement what SARC does and will be viewed as something unique. I should have the launch set by November 7th.

My recent timing gig at the North Coast 24 National Championship was a real experience. Plans are in the works for a bigger and better structure in 2010.

Maddie is getting through the 6th grade pretty well. Math continues to be a hurdle for her. I wish I could help her more but I have learned that being a helicopter parent is not the best thing to do!
Logan is coming home this weekend from Ohio U. I think he is enjoying Athens and his grades are very good.
That's it for now!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Akron Marathon Video

Footage from Scott Dudek – Mile 1.2 & 1.9 (Y-Bridge) – Mile 8 – Mile 8 (Cont’d) – Mile 14.5 (Towpath Trail, Big Bend) – Mile 23 (Portage Path) – Mile 23 (Cont’d)

My weekend went as follows. Thursday with Bill Rodgers. Friday run with Bill then expo all day. Saturday ran the half at various paces with various people and had fun along the way.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Chaney Update 08.31-09.06

Yes indeed folks. Got my Kiss tickets for the September 28th show. They are on their Kiss Alive 35 anniversary tour. I saw them in 1977 on the Destroyer tour and pretty much every tour after that until they took off the makeup. I may even have some of my old tour programs somewhere around here. Old...Fat...and Rich. Sounds good to me. Jo will have to put up with me at the show.

School starts this week. It will be nice to get into a groove. Summer was good but I like structure. I am going to start helping out at Vertical Runner soon. Stop in and say hello.

Cross Country
A fantastic weekend invitational on my birthday. Everyone ran well including my varsity boys team. Five out of the seven hit PR's. Hopefully a sign that the training I am putting together for them is and will be paying off. The girls team has fewer people and they are a little farther apart from each other. I need to focus on their improvement this week.

Good week of training behind me. Test week ahead. I need to hit my numbers this week if I have any chance of running a decent marathon for a 46 year old guy. Stay tuned...

Mon: 8 easy miles
Tue: 12 miles with 8 tempo in the middle
Wed: 13 group miles
Thu: 8 easy miles
Fri: 23 miles as follows-> 8 easy + 8 marathon pace + 1 tempo + 4 marathon pace + 1 tempo + 1 marathon pace. A great workout.
Sat: 6 recovery miles
Sun: 10-12 group miles


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Update

Had a pretty good week. First higher mileage week since the Burning River. I have jumped into my Pittsburgh Marathon plan at week 9. I will follow this plan to Columbus. First priority was getting the miles in....and I did that. Next week I incorporate the pace specific workouts. Here is what is in store...

Mon: 7 easy miles
Tue: 2 mile WU + 8x1000 meters w/3 min recovery + 2 mile CD
Wed: 13 group miles
Thu: 8 easy miles
Fri: 10 easy miles
Sat: 12 miles with 6 at marathon pace
Sun: 17 miles

My only concern is my left calf. I pulled or tore a muscle at the 2 mile mark of my 21 mile run on Sunday. It mostly feels like a charlie horse at this point. I will be careful over the next few days.

Final week of vacation ahead for both of my kids. Maddie starts on Sept 1st and I take Logan to Ohio University on Sept 3rd. The challenge for both kids (and me) is to get back into a school like sleeping routine.

Cross Country
The team had a good week of practice. We finished phase II and will begin phase III on Monday. Our first meet is on Saturday. A good showing would be a nice birthday gift for me.

Jo and I will be escorting Bill Rodgers around town again over the RRAM weekend. For being one of my running idols it is pretty cool that he even remembers me. We should have fun while he is here.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

  • TV Show - True Blood. Nothing cooler on the air.
  • Technology - Garmin 310XT.
  • Running Route - Mingo Trail. I often forget how much fun this loop can be.
  • Workout - 6x400 meters followed by 8x200 meters. All up hill.
  • Quote - "The thought of Brett coming out of retirement yet again makes me want to Favre." - Shawn Bolender
  • Beverage - Mountain Dew Voltage. Bring on the sugar and calories!
  • Activity - Coaching High School Cross Country.
  • Website -
  • Retro Album - Combat Rock by the Clash
  • Memorable Photo - Maddie on the first and second day of 1st Grade. Love it day 1. Hated day 2!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Training Update 08.14.09

I know I said I would write a recap for the Burning River 100...but honestly I just don't have the motivation right now to document a blow by blow account of the day. I will say it was good, then very very bad, then very good. Jo kept me in the game and is the sole reason I finished. I can't thank her enough.

Moving Forward
I have two remaining targets in 2009. The first will be the Columbus Marathon. I have come out of the 100 with little to no residual issues. I feel great and am able to run at a good pace. The second target will remain private for right now. First things first.

Training Schedule - August 17th to 23rd
Mon - 8 miles easy
Tue - 19 miles with a few tempo-ish bursts.
Wed - 9 group miles
Thu - 6 easy miles
Fri - 10 easy miles
Sat - 22 miles total. 2 easy + 4 tempo + 10 easy + 4 tempo + 2 easy
Sun - 12 group miles

Cross Country
We had our time trial last night as part of the Heideman XC race. I was very pleased with the performances the kids turned in. Most ran faster than I expected and they even brought home some hardware. It will be interesting how the training plan I have put together for the season shakes out. Hopefully well.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

XC Team Photo

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

XC Camp

Recovering from the 100 while at the Copley HS Cross Country camp. I am even running! Full BR100 report when I get back.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Burning River 100 Webcast

Last year I built the webcast site for the Burning River 100, not knowing that I would be running it this year. Below are the links if you are interested. See everyone on the other side!

Web Browser Access

iPhone Access
Bring the below up in your iPhone browser...then click the + sign...add to home screen.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank You

Three days until the Burning River 100. I will be starting with 160 other runners at 5am...but dozens of people got me there.

Thank You Jo. She has been my support and inspiration the entire time. In addition she will be my crew. A tougher job than running in my opinion.

Thank You Rich and Ed. My pacers for the day. Not only will they get me to the finish line...they shared a large part in my training.

Thank You Matt and Damon. My competitive running buddies have provided support and pushed me on the days when I needed to be pushed (although they didn't know that).

Thank You Nilesh. Got me through my Spring injury and into rehab. Graston works!

Thank You Vince. Kept me motivated throughout the training cycle and always there when I needed a run / advice / equipment.

Thank You Joe and Tracy. The Joe Klett series constantly reminds me what fun running is when you let it.

Thank You Nick and Brandon. These guys rock and always inspire me to push myself as they do.

Thank You Joe J and the BR100 group. Kept me in the game and provided the motivation to do this again.

Thank You SARC for constantly supporting the running community and handling the Pine Lane Aid Station.

Thank You to my family for supporting me along the way.

Thank You to everyone else who I failed to mention. I have appreciated everyones guidance, camaraderie, and friendship.

Lastly Thank You Karl. I have deeply appreciated your advice and approach to running this 100 mile race.
See you on the other side!


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Final Week

One week to go before the festivities begin at the Burning River 100. We have completed the final bout of testing of the webcast site. I am thinking of taking the process and product that I built and marketing it to other Ultra's. Stay tuned.

You can see the webcast here on Race Day.

My final week of training looks like this:

Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - 7 miles
Wednesday - 8 miles
Thursday - 7 miles
Friday - Off Day / Load Webcast Site with final data and runner photos
Saturday - 101 miles
Sunday - Walk 2 miles

I immediately leave for the hills of Pennsylvania following the completion of the BR100 for 5 days of cross country camp. Living in a tent and running / walking trails isn't the ideal recovery week but it will do.

Here is a picture of my new best friend. He has a battery life of 20 hours which will hopefully be enough to get me to the finish line. If I go past 20 hours I really won't care if the watch is working or not.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taper Time

I had a very good Buckeye Trail 50K over the weekend. I treated this run as my last tempo type run before the BR100. I did go a little faster than the plan called for though. My target at the turn was 2:22 and I got there at 2:12. I have to admit that it was difficult throttling it back as many runners I know were competing that day. The good news is I really felt relaxed and had a nice long run. No damaging fatigue, no blisters, no bruises....nothing. I really felt great the entire time. Here is video from the day.

Starting Line | Aid Stations | Finish Line

Next is the Burning River 100 Endurance Run. I will post my thoughts and strategy over the next two weeks here on my blog. In between I have Logan's Freshman orientation at Ohio University...a few cross country practices....and preparation for cross country camp which begins the same day the BR100 ends!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update July 6th to July 12th

A very good week in the books. Running went according to plan. A few nice uptempo runs during the week then back to back 16 milers over the weekend. Got caught in the wicked rain and thunder on Saturday. Totally soaked but a great run. Very nice run on the BR100 course today with a few guys. Felt super easy and strong towards the end. Three weeks and counting. Next weekend will be a steady pace run at the Buckeye Trail 50K followed by a hilly 12 on Sunday. Taper and rest after that for the BR100.

Due to road construction we made a few course changes to the BR100 this week. I ran and measured the new section from Station Road Bridge to Ottawa Point. I really like the new route and hope others do as well.

I am on the fence about what shoes to wear for the race. I really have had good luck with my Adidas Adizero XT's and will probably go with a new pair of them on race day. I have also been running in Inov-8 265's and like them.

Ohio U is closing in fast on Logan. He doesn't really realize this is it. Truly leaving the nest and moving to the next major chapter of life. We go down for orientation on 7/26 for a few days. I am going to go over the Lambda Chi house while we are there and pitch in on the house renovations. The guys (I am old) will get 1 day of solid work from me.

The day that the BR100 ends is also the first day of the Copley Cross Country camp in PA. I will drive out there early that evening for the next 5 days. I will probably be totally wasted and of no use to them on the trails, but I will give it my best effort.

I believe I am officially the new head coach for the Copley High School Cross Country team. I received the paperwork last week and sent it in. I am really looking forward to coaching the boys and girls program. We have alot of work to do...but we also have alot of young talent that should show signs of success late in the year.

Lastly congrats to Coach Karl for racking up his 3rd 100 miler win of 2009. He smoked everyone at Hardrock ( by running smart and steady. Impressive to say the least. Great job Karl.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Final Month

The Burning River 100 miler is in one month. I am really looking forward to running this event. Registrations are up over previous years and there are several top notch runners coming into town for the event. My preparation has been going very well and I hope to be close to my time goal. The main goal is to finish. This will at least get me into the lottery for the 2010 Western States Endurance Run. I plan on running smart for the entire 100 miles. It is easy to get sucked into competitive mode early on....but I have to put all of that away for most of the race. I will go through the highs and lows like everyone else, but really hope to maintain a steady run inspite of how I am feeling.

A friend of mine was recently in Gary Indiana and took this photo of the Jackson Family house after Michaels death. Can you imagine raising a family that size in a house this small?


Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Weekend

* Nice recovery trail run with 5 others today. Ran from Pine Lane to Blue Hen Falls and back. Ran hard the last 1.5 miles. Felt super fresh. Good sign.

* Rained most of the run. What is better than running in the rain and mud?

* New bed arrives today. Finally got my big boy bed. Going to start getting real sleep now!

* Timing the Hudson Firecracker 5K in the morning. No one responded from the club to time this event, so this will be a bail-out favor. I am sure one or two in the club will slam me for donating my time to do this while they sit at home and think of more things to gripe about. Too much energy spent on nothing in my opinion.

* Make sure to thank a firefighter, police officer, doctor, nurse, or any other public service professional for their time over the weekend.

* Got my marching orders for the Buckeye Trail 50K. Good plan rolling into the Burning River 100 miler.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Thoughts Wednesday

* Had a really good run with Damon and Matt yesterday morning. I am learning to hate waking up so early to run...but am very thankful for the company and time it saves later in the day.

* Ran with the XC team at Oak Hill this morning. Good run. Ankles a little sore for some reason.

* Ran a SIMS 3 update for my daughter. I have never seen a tech note like this before...

  • Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle.
  • Fix for a possible crash with audio code.
  • Fix for babysitter routing off lots with babies.
...I guess babysitters are an issue in the virtual world as well!

* Picked up the ChampionChip equipment for the next two weeks races.

* Heard once again some rumour about me wanting to win the Burning River 100. I don't know how this started...but is far from the truth. I have a time goal this year. If 174 people run faster than my time goal...good for them. I have only run one 100 mile race and it seems to me that it is not a race until you get to the last 10 miles. Would I like to be the top Master? Of course...who wouldn't? Will I be competitive towards the end? If I make it that far yes. I have been training towards a finish time. Period.

* Race #2 in the "Joe Klett" series is tonight. I can't wait until it is my turn. I have something brilliant planned.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Man Monday

Each Monday I run with the high school cross country team. Although I can still run faster than most of them, it takes me their entire workout to get warmed up. I will probably start 30 minutes early to equalize things.

Spending the day at the pool.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

General Updates

I have been a blog slacker since the trip to Utah. We had a great time and I met some really cool people during our race. I have also been pretty busy since my return. A few days of getting the XC team on its feet, a few days at Cedar Point, then a busy running weekend (31 miles Saturday / 22 miles Sunday). All in all a good span of 10 days.

July is now upon us and the fun does not end. This will be the final 30 days of training for the Burning River 100. All systems are go at this point. I am finally feeling strong again - like I did in March. The fueling plan is in place, the timing system is ready, and I am looking forward to running a smart race.

Logan and I will head to OU on July 26th for orientation. Summer will be over before I know it. I am still weighing my employment options following my "Summer Hiatis". It appears that I will be the head Cross Country coach at Copley High School. It will be a fun challenge...but clearly does not pay the bills.

Regular reports will begin again tomorrow!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ragnar Relay Recap

Words don't describe what a great adventure this was. Leg 1: 3.8 miles. Mostly flat. Started around 9pm. Ran it a little faster than I wanted. Got a boost when I was passed by Van 1 enroute to the next exchange. Great support from van 2 along the way. Averaged 6:08 per mile. Leg 2: 7.7 miles. Gradual and rolling climb. Started at 6:15am. Tried to back it off and run even. Leg 3 was on my mind. Got rid of the headlamp and vest 2 miles into the run. Very scenic as the sun came up. Beautiful running towards the mountains. Again great support from my van-mates! Averaged 7:05 per mile.Leg 3: 4 miles. All uphill on a soupy mud road. 8% steady grade beginning at 7500 feet and ending at 9500 feet. Started at 3pm. I knew the altitude would be tough on my lungs…but it killed me. Air getting to my lungs just wasn't going to happen. I decided the key here was steady forward progress. I used a combination of power walking, running, and walking backwards (stretch legs and ease my back from the leaning forward bits). Felt like I was carrying a piano on my back for the entire time. Made solid progress to the finish. Passed many people during this stretch. Not for the timid! Amazing views on the way up. Averaged 11:15 per mile

Other highlights – Van downtime 1 - Sleeping for 2.5 hours on the cement at the ski resort while the winds whipped and it got really cold. Watching Souci watching the naked guys change their clothes in the field. Meeting up with van 1. Van downtime 2 - Sleeping under the skateboard ramp to avoid the rain. Seeing Econo bring it home! Staring at the mountains all around us.

Words and recaps just can’t capture the amazing adventure we had. Thanks to everyone for the trip of a lifetime.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Mile 6

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9,500 feet

4 miles uphill. 2,000 foot climb. DONE.

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Elaine to Jeb

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Barb to Elaine

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Mountains Ahead

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Wind and Rain

The last 6 legs will see some weather. We also have the 3 toughest segments. Think good thoughts!

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Last Sleep

I am taking a nap under a skateboard ramp at the school. We start the last round of legs in an hour or so.

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We are progressing nicely. Sun is up and the temps are rising. Still tough to breath at altitude.

Sans Souci

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4:30 am

Elaine is running her 7 mile leg while we mess around with glow sticks!

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MC and JJJ

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Better night photo

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Van 1 done

Everyone hit their times. Now sleep.

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Elaine 1st Leg

Sun is beginning to set

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Running her 1st leg

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Waiting for Van 1

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Ready to go

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Van Prep

Almost ready

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Van Prep


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Van Prep

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Race Day

I went out early today and got 2.5 "warmup" miles in. Ran to the starting line to check things out. Looks like it is going to be a blast. I can clearly feel the altitude in my lungs when I am running....should be interesting. SeeMomGo has brought and oxygen tank! Maybe a few hits of O will put me over the top.

Had a great dinner last night with everyone. La T and MC were missing, but the rest of us had a really nice time. Mike (millbot) handed out a few awards of thanks prior to the event.

I will be posting fairly often once the race starts at 1:30pm local time. The cell reception will be the key as to how much gets posted. Stay tuned!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Firehouse Pizza

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4/6ths of Van 2

Jeb, Elaine, Chris, Jim

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Van Pickup

Waiting for the group

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Bumpy ride to Salt Lake

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Jo and I should arrive tonight around 9:30pm

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Florida - Home

Got home this afternoon after a nice hot weekend in FL. The mountains of Utah are now calling! I will be posting frequently during this event.

Photo: Olivia, Evan, and Maddie at Sea World.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sea World

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Florida Day 1

Hot. After a late night of travel I arrived I Orlando. I am renting a Honda Insight. Very cool car. Today is a typical Florida day but too hot for me. Good thing Kevin has a pool and water toys.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Travel to Florida

I just loaded the blogger app for the iPhone. I will post more frequently this week as I visit my brother then head to Utah to run.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wax On Wax Off

Training for a 100 mile race is unique. For anyone who has trained for distance events, whether it is the mile or marathon, you typically follow a pattern of timed running. Training to sustain race pace is the name of the game in 99% of all distance events. Not so with a 100 miler. The key is simply to maintain without falling apart physically and mentally. I keep asking "when are we going to get to the pace workouts?". Well folks it ain't happenin'! My training plan is based on time on my feet and repetition. I truly feel like the karate kid right now. I seem to be in a holding pattern of "wax on wax off" and "paint the fence" while impatiently asking why am I doing this? I enjoy running the miles of trails...but man I have no speed. How did it disappear? Recently five of my friends had an informal 10K race. I ran as hard as I could...but came no where close to my potential. I have become Mr. Tree Trunk Legs. Strength but no speed. I know in the end it will serve me well at the 100, but it can be frustrating from time to time.

Over the next three days I will have run 50 miles of trails. Like Daniel-son I will have moments of impatience and question the methods. Fortunately I trust my Mr. Miyagi and know that the payoff will be worth the effort in the end.

Lookout Cobra Kai!

* Maddie is in Florida with my Mom and my niece hitting all of the theme parks. I head there on Saturday for a few days to join the fun.

* After returning on Tuesday from Florida, Jo and I turn right around and head to Utah on Wednesday for the Ragnar Relay.

* Logan heads to Myrtle Beach on the 20th until the end of the month.

* I had a very good discussion about my future employment plans with a potential business partner. Once I get through June and July the goal will be to sharpen the pencil and pick a career direction. Things are bright on the horizon.

* I am waiting to hear about my potential coaching opportunity and things could be finalized by early July.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

True Blood

When I was a young kid my mother used to watch a "daytime drama" called Dark Shadows. I used to watch it as well. I have fond memories of that show. Well...I caught wind of a series on HBO called True Blood. Thanks to HBO On Demand I have finished watching the first season of this series. It was created by Alan Ball, who also created one of my favorite HBO Series called Six Feet Under. Great writing, great acting, and dark story lines. The premise is basically about Vampires as a community / societal class wanting to integrate with mainstream human life. It is pretty intense and I highly recommend it. Season Two premiers on HBO June 14th.

My running has been picking up. I did the No Frills All Hills run and covered roughly 34 miles in just under 5 1/2 hours. I maintained my 100 mile goal pace...which was my target. A good day.

I hit 104 miles last week. That is the most miles I have had in several years. I am feeling really good these days and seem to be well ahead of my 2007 fitness. June and July will be intense training months.

Next week I head to Florida for a quick visit with my brother and his family, then I am off to Utah for the Ragnar Relay. I really don't have my racing legs right now...but it will be a fun trip to take with Jo.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Coach Tolle

A great guy that I wish I knew better. Touched many lives. What better way to live and be remembered.

Popular Copley High School coach Stuart Tolle passes away at age 47

Posted by Tim Rogers/Plain Dealer Reporter June 01, 2009 11:31AM

About 200 high school football players and female track athletes gathered in the Copley High School fieldhouse around midnight Sunday to mourn the assistant football and girls track coach Stuart Tolle, one of the most popular teachers at the school.
Tolle died of an apparent heart attack after mowing the lawn at his house in Akron's Firestone Park neighborhood on Sunday. He was 47. Tolle played at Alliance High and went on to star at Bowling Green before spending parts of three seasons with the Detroit Lions, the Browns and the Arizona Wranglers of the U.S. Football League.

"This is a total shock," said Ed Robinson, a former assistant coach at Copley and a close friend of Tolle's. "I am devastated. Stuart was one of the greatest guys I know. The kids just loved him. The staff loved him. We all loved him."
Tolle, 6-3 and 245 pounds during his playing career, played in one NFL game, for Detroit in 1987. Twice he was one of the Browns' final cuts and spent time on the reserve squad. Tolle, a science teacher, was known for keeping himself in shape.
A bachelor until recently, he jogged regularly and spent time in the weight room. He also owned the most popular pet in Copley Township, a yellow lab named Claire, who went everywhere Tolle went. She even had a special spot in the school, where she patiently waited for Tolle's day to end.
"This is a real tragedy," said Copley Assistant Principal Jim Borchik. "Stuart had the gift. He connected to kids from all walks of life. I can't begin to tell you how many children he has reached and touched."
Tolle attended Copley's graduation ceremonies on Sunday before going home to do yardwork.
"He was a low-key guy who always had a smile on his face," said Robinson, now an assistant principal at Polaris Vocational School in Middleburg Heights. "Stuart kept to himself but he was always willing to help someone out."
Funeral arrangements were pending.


Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today my son Logan graduates from High School. I clearly remember the first day I took him to Kindergarten. Time really does fly as you get older. For those with children...take advantage of the time you have with your kids when they are young. One of my favorite moments was when Logan was in first grade. He had a cycling t-shirt that said "Europe" on it. He once asked me what his shirt said as I was getting him ready for school. I said "It says Europe". He paused and said "yep...I'm up." Classic. Logan is heading to Ohio University this Fall, and our relationship will surely change as he gets older. I am looking forward to our next chapter together. Great Job Logan. You earned it!

The No Frills All Hills fun run is over. I ended up running 33.75 miles in 5 hrs and 28 minutes. This was an excellent test for me as my 100 miler training really begins in June. The course was tough and I really got a workout hitting the Sound of Music hill repeatedly. Thanks to Rich and Matt for running a few hours each with me.

The Cavs lost last night. I couldn't watch it. They have got to find a new generation big man for the middle. Z is fine but his time has passed. Bigger Better Stronger is the name of the game.

I will be timing my first solo race next weekend using the ChampionChip system. I have been able to learn the system over the last two weeks and look forward to using it at the Race for the Parks in Hudson on the 6th.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Trail Report

I met Wild Bill and Chef Bill this morning to map out a possible revision to the Burning River 100 course. It rained for more than half of the run, making it a fun day in the mud and rain. I like the route that we did and it is almost the exact distance as the current course I am giving it a thumbs up!

Speaking of Thumbs Up. My buddy Ben is having a Glasnost Movie party the same weekend I am in Utah. K sozhaleniyu, ya poka ne govoryu po russki. Bummer. It looks like my comrades will have a good time.


Monday, May 25, 2009

A No Frills All Hills Week

Monday is here and I have a bit of a recovery week ending with a test. As with any test there is an urge to cram in order to do your best, but that won't be the case this week. Tuesday I will be running easy with Wild Bill from Station Road Bridge to Ottawa Point. There seems to be a general concern about my course correction for the Burning River 100 in that section. Bill has an idea that we will explore and map out. Wednesday will be the normal "let's run easy but not really" group run at 4:50am. Always a good time to catch up and complain about who is not feeling good (while picking up the pace). Thursday will be another EASY trail run with the 6:30pm group. Friday is still up in the air. Saturday is test day. I will be running the "No Frills All Hills" event at Kendall Hills. It is a continuous 2 mile loop over the course of 6 hours. The deal is that you see how many of the 2 mile loops you can do within that time period. There are no rules other than you cannot cut the loop. I am going to practice my BR100 pace and fueling plan for as much of the 6 hours as possible. The only variation I will make is reversing the loop every 4 miles. I want to make sure that I don't get too bored, as well as mixing up the terrain. Thanks to Brian Musick for arranging this deranged run.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Buckeye Trail Sundays

Our Run with Ed group was looking to hook up with a larger group for some trail miles today. I sent out an invite to the Wednesday morning group to join us. We met at the Jaite parking lot at 7am. Our group ended up being me, Ed, Vince, Damon, Matt, and Kyle. We started easy then picked up the pace to Ottawa Point. We decided to continue to Oak Grove...then made the turn and doubled back. Overall it was faster than I had planned, so I skipped tacking on my final 5 miles. I will be meeting a small group later tonight to do 7-8 miles starting from Pine Lane.

* Much to his surprise, Logan had fun at Prom last night. I'm glad he ended his High School experience on a positive note. Ohio University is the next stop.

* I will be timing the Tallmadge Memorial 5K tomorrow morning. It is a good event and I kind of wish I was running rather than timing, but I am in no shape to crank out a good 5K right now.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return to the Carriage Trail

I had a solid workout today. Started at Station Road Bridge and ran the mile 30 to 36.4 section of the Burning River 100 course. This is the Carriage Trail Loop....the same loop where I ran out of gas two years ago...with the same bench where I sat for 15 minutes and wondered what I had done to myself and why I was there. The loop is somewhat sacred ground for me. I ran very easy with Glenn and Dan to the bottom of the loop. It is always nice to run with others. I had warned them that I was doing a workout and would be pushing it once we arrived at the bridge. I picked it up and pushed it the entire loop. This is the first hard run I have done in about 6 weeks and it felt awesome. I hit the bottom of the loop I headed back on the towpath at a pretty good pace. Once I made it back to Station Road Bridge, the Thursday trail group had assembled and was going to do 4 miles. I jumped in with them and ran a nice cool down 4 with David P. Each day that I run I feel stronger which is key right now.

* I received my training plan for the next two weeks. I have a test on May 30th at the No Frills All Hills 6 hour run. I really hope to run the entire 6 hours at my BR100 pace. It is a two mile loop at Kendall Hills, and because it is a Fat Ass event...there are no official rules. I will probably reverse direction on the loop every 4 miles to keep me sane.

* For the first time in a long time I did not listen to the radio or watch ESPN at all today. The loss last night by the Cavs was reminiscent of the Browns losses in the 1980's. I know it's only a game...but painful none the less

* Logan has his Senior Prom on Saturday night, which means I probably won't get much sleep worrying about him. Can you say Parachute Parent?

* I may have a running related opportunity for this Fall. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7x9 is not equal to 9x7

Today was one of those days where things were just right. I met the Wednesday morning group at our usual 4:50am start. I was fully expecting a sluggish run after Damon, Nilesh, and Matt had just run the Cleveland Marathon 3 days earlier. A nice run down to Portage Path and back. 7 or so miles at 9 minute pace would have been right. I should have known better. We started easy enough, but once everyone got their legs back...we decided to do the 9 mile loop. Once we got up Merriman the pace dropped below 6:50 per mile. We actually averaged about 7:10...but my math had it at 9 miles @ 7 minute pace. Oh well.

I had a second run with Vince on the trails from Pine Lane. It was a nice easy pace fortunately since I had about 2.5 hours rest between the runs.

I had an I Like My Life moment today. I stopped at a gas station to get gas. Inside there were three sales reps for some cigarette company getting chewed out by the low hourly wage employee working, saying that they are losing business because the ciggy guys weren't delivering enough smokes. It was her moment to dump on someone...and their moment to take it. What a way to live.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Shoot (I'm A Man)

DEVO will be releasing their first studio album since 1990 this coming Fall. After seeing and meeting them last year I am expecting it to be good. Here is the first video from the upcoming release.

"DON'T SHOOT" - DEVO from DEVO Channel on Vimeo.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sub 3 Club

Injuries bite. After missing any chance of running the marathon in Pittsburgh due to my quad injury, I "watched" my training partners all go under three hours today at Cleveland via text updates. I really wish I could have been there to run or at least watch. Matt earned a new PR of 2:37. Damon nailed a 2:40 on a very short training time table. Nilesh collected a 2:55 as well. My PR window is closing it's probably this Fall or bust.

BR100 training is well under way. Karl won the MMT 100 this weekend. I feel that we have a good relationship going now and look forward to the challenge he is about to throw my way.

Logan's graduation party was this weekend as well. We did have fun and I managed to stay dry until the very end. Once again Jo deserves the MVP for weathering the storm I call family.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Five in a Row

I have now run five consecutive days on the trails. Each day I have felt more and more like myself. This is great news! We are off to Southern Ohio for the weekend for a graduation party for my son Logan. There are plenty of hills in Southern Ohio...but I will be hitting the road for two long runs. I am really looking forward to seeing how I feel on pavement.

Good luck to everyone who is running Cleveland. I hope the runner tracking actually works.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Days to Kendall Lake

Perfect morning for a trail run. Hoped to be a little lighter on my feet...but felt sort of sluggish for most of the run. Weather and solitude made it worthwhile. Happy Days to Kendall Lake and back on the BR100 course. I know the lower part of the course very well. I think I will spend some time on the northern part during this training cycle.


Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 - Up the Hill

Ran 7 very easy miles this morning then headed to the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium. Felt good most of the run. Did my minimal weights workout and decided to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, of which 15 minutes was at a 15% grade. I may weave in a few running at severe grade runs before the Ragnar Relay race in June. One of my legs is 4 miles with a total of 1800 feet of climb.

* Went to the mall with Logan yesterday to pick out his tuxedo for prom. Half of the tuxes looked nice. Half looked "Gangsta". We went with the traditional look.

* The shuttle heads up today. My mom is in Florida with my brother Kevin. I hope she gets to see it.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10th - Pine Lane to Boston Store

First official entry for the BR100 training program. Ed Goubeaux, Rich Wisneski and I did the Pine Lane to Boston Store and back route. Great to be back on the trails. Today was the first time I have felt like myself since March. Up on my sore spots or stiffness...good effort. Trails were dry with a few muddy spots. Soaked my shoes to get the mud off near Pine Lane. I am really looking forward to the next few months of training.

Weather: mid-40's and mostly sunny. Perfect conditions.

* Logan's graduation party is next weekend in Waverly, Ohio. I plan on scoping out some new trails while we are down there.

* Cavs looked strong last night.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let the Games Begin

I just received my first two weeks of training from Karl. We are going to ease into the training so I don't blow my leg out again. Smart approach. I am really looking forward to getting started, but I am also a little timid right now. My running gait is still out of whack. One month of limping around has brought about more knocks and pings than I care to recognize. Another few weeks of running and I should be back to my old self.

Last weekend was the Pittsburgh Marathon, an event I trained most of the Winter for. I ran the half after one solid month of minimal running (total April miles were 70 and I gained 10 pounds). It was the farthest run and fastest pace I have sustained in over 30 days. Starting over sucks....but it is a starting point so it is upward and onward from here.

Logan, Maddie, Jo, and I are heading to the Cavs game tonight. It should be a blast.

I am officially one week into my unemployment. I will no longer refer to it as unemployment as I know I am lucky in being able to take this time off to spend with the kids and train. Many opportunities lie stay tuned.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Prologue - May 1st

As I have stated before, this blog will be the vehicle in which I document my Burning River 100 training experience. I will also be throwing in tidbits of info, advice that I find beneficial, and notes about my weight/diet/etc. So....on with the show!

My official start day will be May 11th, but since I have only run a grand total of 70 miles in the month of April, I am going to need to work up to training condition over the next 10 days. What better way to start than to run the Boston Store to (almost) Pine Lane parking lot and back! I met Nick Billock for 3 miles as he finished up his 30 mile run in the mud. I am glad I jumped in at that point of the run. I am out of shape and stiff as a board. The great news is that my leg feels totally healed. I know I can get my shape back...but when your brain and body are not in sync it can be a drag. I was able to slowly loosen up and chopped 8 minutes on my return trip to the car. I will be running a Personal Worst (PW) this Sunday in Pittsburgh...but so what. It should be a fun trip and I am looking forward to running with the mid-packers.

I also bought a new car today on my first official day of being unemployed. This has eliminated any fear of my vehicle breaking down or needing major repair for the next couple of years. The car is a Kia Rondo and should be much better on gas and getting around.

I also stopped in to visit Vince at Vertical Runner. The new space looks great! I am looking forward to becoming more involved with VR over the next year.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Summer Event #1
Jo and I will be headed to Utah towards the end of June to participate in the Ragnar Relay. This is a Hood to Coast type event where you are a member of a 12 person team and run a total of about 180 miles. We are on a mixed masters (all over 40) team and it should be a lot of fun. The race starts in Logan, UT and finishes in Park City, UT. The route takes us around, over, and through the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I am hoping that the views are great. It is also a historical route. The Donner Party was a group of California-bound American emigrants caught up in the "westering fever" of the 1840s. After becoming snowbound in the Sierra Nevada in the winter of 1846–1847, some of them resorted to cannibalism. We are following part of their route through the mountains.

Our team name is RTYP which stands for Run 'Till You Puke. I hope we don't.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Next Chapter

It has been quite a week. I found out on Friday that my last day at Anglebar Solutions would be Thursday April 30th. I have been at Anglebar from the very beginning. I have also worked with the same group of people for many many years, and have been associated with some for more than 20 years. I knew this would be happening for some time so it is not a total shock. We had a great run at Anglebar and the possibilities were always there, but like anything in life it was time for it to end. So begins the next chapter...

My running is on to its next chapter as well. The injury I have been battling has taken me out of the Pittsburgh Marathon and any thoughts of the Cleveland Marathon. I continue to slowly get my legs back. It is frustrating when just a few weeks ago I was in nearly the best shape of my I am a slug with a bad wheel. I am still heading to Pittsburgh to support my friends in the marathon. I will tank my way through the Half Marathon and use it as a long run. Anyone have a Team in Training singlet I can borrow?

The next adventure will be the Burning River 100. I plan on writing about my training and journey in this blog on an almost daily basis. If for no other reason than to document three months of my life for my kids to read decades from now. Maybe when their kids look at Grandpa Jim they will have a better understanding of who I was as a younger man.

So it's time to turn the page, move on to the next chapter. How will the story end? Stay tuned.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Facebook Manners And You


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Take Two Point One

OK....after my last post I had a relapse. I still could hardly walk let alone run. Another week off from running. The good news is that my scar tissue broke free Wednesday night and I am now pain free. I told the PT that I would not run until the 20th. I have also modified my training / racing schedule to go at Cleveland. I will still travel to Pittsburgh and run the half as an easy run. I have always enjoyed Cleveland in spite of the poor race organization and course presentation, but that is another story.

Good luck to everyone running Boston. I wish I had gone.

Training Schedule
Mon: 5 easy miles
Tue: 8 easy miles
Wed: 13 group miles
Thu: 6 easy miles
Fri: Damon Tempo - 2 mile warm up + 8 mile tempo + 2 mile cool down
Sat: 8 easy miles
Sun: 22 easy miles


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Take Two

After a week off of running I am ready to get back in the saddle for Pittsburgh. I ran with a group on Saturday and gimped my way through 10.5 miles. I now know it will take a few days to shake the rust and get back to normal. I also start Physical Therapy on Monday. Hopefully with an aggressive PT schedule, stretching, compression, and an easy running plan this week I will be at full strength by Pittsburgh. I considered not running Pittsburgh and going for Cleveland, but we have a graduation party for Logan in Waverly that it's Pittsburgh or bust. Burning River training starts right after that. I plan on blogging / documenting my entire journey from the first day of training to the finish of the 100.

Thursday night Logan and I head down to Cincinnati for a campus visit on Friday. He is almost a month away from prom and graduating. Yes I am old.

Training Schedule
Mon: 8 easy miles
Tue: 10 easy miles
Wed: 9 easy miles
Thu: 4 easy miles
Fri: 8 easy miles
Sat: 12 easy miles
Sun: 2 mile warm up / 2x6 miles @ marathon pace w/1 mile fartlek between / 2 mile cool down


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dodged a Bullet

I have been hampered with a nagging left quad since the Green Jewel 50K. It came to a head over the past weekend at the Athens Half Marathon. I could hardly walk the rest of Sunday and the pain was intense. I was convinced I had a stress fracture and that was it for the racing season. I saw the good Dr. Shah early Monday and was shuttled to the MRI unit that afternoon. Results came back today. No stress fracture, but most likely a deep muscle strain. So that means no running the rest of the week and PT starting next Monday. I should be OK for Pittsburgh and more importantly Burning River 100 training. I will be undergoing treatment using the Graston Technique. Should be interesting.

Training Schedule
No running until next week


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week of March 30th to April 5th

Lots going on this week. Logan and Maddie are looking forward to Spring Break, which starts next week. We will be traveling to Ohio University for the weekend. I am running the half marathon on Sunday morning. It will be good to see the campus again. I still consider Athens a home away from home. Logan will then be continuing on to Florida for the week.

I am feeling the effects from the Green Jewel 50K still. A few twinges in my legs remain.

I am getting a little anxious about the Pittsburgh Marathon. This usually happens as a race gets close. One month to go and I want to race now. Only a few more key workouts remain.

Here is a blast from the past photo with the infamous Coach Buck shouting the commands "Uh...Ready Ready Go!" - Thanks to Marc Morrison for the photo - There is no way a sane coach would have people run on this stretch of road these days. We used to always run on the road and just avoid the traffic.

Fall of 1982 - Coach Buck, Tom Geiger, Marc Morrison, Craig Kisinger, Dave Pelyhes, John Chaney, Bob Koch, Greg Mengal

Training Schedule
Mon: 6 miles easy
Tue: 2 mile warm up / 6x1000m repeats / 4x400m repeats / cool down
Wed: 9 mile group run
Thu: 8 miles
Fri: 6 miles w/striders
Sat: 5 easy
Sun: Athens Half Marathon


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