Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ragnar Relay Recap

Words don't describe what a great adventure this was. Leg 1: 3.8 miles. Mostly flat. Started around 9pm. Ran it a little faster than I wanted. Got a boost when I was passed by Van 1 enroute to the next exchange. Great support from van 2 along the way. Averaged 6:08 per mile. Leg 2: 7.7 miles. Gradual and rolling climb. Started at 6:15am. Tried to back it off and run even. Leg 3 was on my mind. Got rid of the headlamp and vest 2 miles into the run. Very scenic as the sun came up. Beautiful running towards the mountains. Again great support from my van-mates! Averaged 7:05 per mile.Leg 3: 4 miles. All uphill on a soupy mud road. 8% steady grade beginning at 7500 feet and ending at 9500 feet. Started at 3pm. I knew the altitude would be tough on my lungs…but it killed me. Air getting to my lungs just wasn't going to happen. I decided the key here was steady forward progress. I used a combination of power walking, running, and walking backwards (stretch legs and ease my back from the leaning forward bits). Felt like I was carrying a piano on my back for the entire time. Made solid progress to the finish. Passed many people during this stretch. Not for the timid! Amazing views on the way up. Averaged 11:15 per mile

Other highlights – Van downtime 1 - Sleeping for 2.5 hours on the cement at the ski resort while the winds whipped and it got really cold. Watching Souci watching the naked guys change their clothes in the field. Meeting up with van 1. Van downtime 2 - Sleeping under the skateboard ramp to avoid the rain. Seeing Econo bring it home! Staring at the mountains all around us.

Words and recaps just can’t capture the amazing adventure we had. Thanks to everyone for the trip of a lifetime.


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