Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wax On Wax Off

Training for a 100 mile race is unique. For anyone who has trained for distance events, whether it is the mile or marathon, you typically follow a pattern of timed running. Training to sustain race pace is the name of the game in 99% of all distance events. Not so with a 100 miler. The key is simply to maintain without falling apart physically and mentally. I keep asking "when are we going to get to the pace workouts?". Well folks it ain't happenin'! My training plan is based on time on my feet and repetition. I truly feel like the karate kid right now. I seem to be in a holding pattern of "wax on wax off" and "paint the fence" while impatiently asking why am I doing this? I enjoy running the miles of trails...but man I have no speed. How did it disappear? Recently five of my friends had an informal 10K race. I ran as hard as I could...but came no where close to my potential. I have become Mr. Tree Trunk Legs. Strength but no speed. I know in the end it will serve me well at the 100, but it can be frustrating from time to time.

Over the next three days I will have run 50 miles of trails. Like Daniel-son I will have moments of impatience and question the methods. Fortunately I trust my Mr. Miyagi and know that the payoff will be worth the effort in the end.

Lookout Cobra Kai!

* Maddie is in Florida with my Mom and my niece hitting all of the theme parks. I head there on Saturday for a few days to join the fun.

* After returning on Tuesday from Florida, Jo and I turn right around and head to Utah on Wednesday for the Ragnar Relay.

* Logan heads to Myrtle Beach on the 20th until the end of the month.

* I had a very good discussion about my future employment plans with a potential business partner. Once I get through June and July the goal will be to sharpen the pencil and pick a career direction. Things are bright on the horizon.

* I am waiting to hear about my potential coaching opportunity and things could be finalized by early July.


Wyatt Hornsby June 12, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

Jim: For the 2007 BR100, I did zero speedwork and just ran tons of miles--usually 80-105/week. Even though that race was 2 hours slower than my current PR of 19:22, I still consider the 2007 BR100 my best 100 because my legs held up (versus at Mohican where my knee imploded) and I stayed locked in mentally. Hundreds, I think, come down to brute strength and I've written that they're a street fight--who wants it most, who's the strongest, who's the toughest. All of that I think comes down to the strength that you get from volume. But you do need some good turnover to ensure the best-possible efficiency. Keep the faith in Karl. - Wyatt

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