Monday, June 25, 2007


* This was my weekend. 38 miles run on Saturday. 32 miles run on Sunday. 98% of the miles were on trails. Funny enough my legs felt fine at the end (and still do), but my body was very fatigued. I know that with consistant fueling along the 100 mile course on August 4th I should survive. I am starting to get my pacers in line as well as some help for Jo. Her job will be equally as difficult as mine. Hurry up and wait will be her theme for the day.
* I was slightly freaked out on Friday night when I realized that the body of Jessie Davis was less than a hundred yards from Jo and I on Tuesday night. We stopped at Hampton Hills to see the ISS and Shuttle go overhead.
* The cross country teams had their time trials today. The girls team looks awesome. The boys need a little work.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Best Commercial


Monday, June 18, 2007

More Miles in the Bank

I had another heavy week of running, capping off with 26 miles of trails on Sunday. A good group at a good pace for the first 2.5 hours, then 2 more hours with a friend of mine. Next weekend I go 5.5 hours on Saturday then 6.5 hours on Sunday. All this mileage should pay off on August 4th.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beware of the Blog

As you know, I switched from a traditional website to a blog-type website not too long ago. I did this because it seemed so much easier to post comments and family updates. The trade off is that my website is now truly in the world wide community. Just for kicks I clicked on the "Next Blog" link at the top of this page 5 times. Here is what I found:

Mistress Wylona's OTK Playhouse
Welcome to the World of Sensual Spanker and NYC Pro Domme

Laura Keating
I'm (now alone) in Slovenia for my RC6 Internship. I am learning to deal with a culture that doesn't speak your language, and which is inherently withdrawn and reserved. It is hard, so I post here. Please leave comments, I loves them I do.

hanging style out to dry for the neighborhood to see

How to write FUNNY IDEAS & make EASY MONEY!!

Creative Intelligence
Tips for success; living intelligently, intelligence working better and succeeding in life, scientifically creative ideas.


Monday, June 11, 2007

You Tube Concerts

The best thing about YouTube is how you can access older music footage. Here are a few of my favorites:

* Genesis - Cinema Show (Part 2)
* Thomas Dolby - Leipzig (from a Podcast)
* Devo - Commercial for Honda Scooters
* Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
* Kiss - Black Diamond
Then you have the absurd
* Mini Kiss - Jimmy Kimmel Show
* Brazilian Queen - We are the Champions


Summer Starts

School is out for the Summer. Let the chaos begin!

Here are a few of the balls in the air that need to be juggled: Cross Country Camp, Trip to Cedar Point, Burning River 100 Training and the Race, Basketball Camp, and Work.

Coordinating schedules during the Summer can be a real chore. Logan starts his Cross Country training on Monday, but he will be in Florida for the week. I hope he sticks to the schedule. I have been "hands off" with his running up to this point, but he wants me to whip him into top 3 shape. As long as he sticks with the program he should have a really good season. I put together the training schedule for the
Copley CC team. We are going to take a little different approach this year by separating the boys and girls during key workouts. The school has hired "Pookie" as an assistant coach. Yes....Pookie. I am not sure I can call her that...but she insists that everyone else I will give it a try. It really is good that she is on board.

* Shaw-Blades - Jo and I went to see Tommy Shaw from Styx and Jack Blades from Night Ranger last week at the Tangier. A friend of mine is now the owner of the Tangier and was very kind to get us tickets. It was a great show.

* BR100 Training - We had a really good group run over the weekend on the Buckeye Trail. Next week should be interesting as I have to run 3 1/2 hours of trails on Saturday, then 4 1/2 hours of trails on Sunday. Happy Fathers Day.

* I have mentioned this to only a few people, but I am now convinced that once Maddie graduates from High School I am going to move to California. Check back in 9 years for an update.

* Web Site O' The Week - I often check out the twisted Photoshop work on
Worth 1000. Pretty cool stuff.

* Photo of the Week - My Buddy Joe doing whatever it takes to get to Boston 2008.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Test Drive Part II

The test run went much better than I had expected. We started at Happy Days under sunny skies and dry conditions. I wasn't sure what to expect as Kurt and Steve were fully armed with Fuel Belts and supplies. I carried a simple fannypack with a few baby wipes. By the wipes are used versus toilet paper. Vince says that baby wipes prevent Monkey Butt. Our pace was pretty slow as the goal was to run the course without getting lost. We actually were able to follow the directions well except for two spots. Hopefully those spots will be marked come race day.

Running 35 miles can be harder and easier than it sounds. I made sure to take note when we passed the 26.2 mile mark, since that was the farthest I had ever previously run. We hit that just past the poop plant in the valley around 9:20 pm.

We finished just before Midnight. I was really satisfied with our effort and how good I felt. I actually considered getting up at 7am to run with the Sunday morning group!

Special thanks to Jo for being our support crew. She met us three times along the way with supplies.


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