Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Starts

School is out for the Summer. Let the chaos begin!

Here are a few of the balls in the air that need to be juggled: Cross Country Camp, Trip to Cedar Point, Burning River 100 Training and the Race, Basketball Camp, and Work.

Coordinating schedules during the Summer can be a real chore. Logan starts his Cross Country training on Monday, but he will be in Florida for the week. I hope he sticks to the schedule. I have been "hands off" with his running up to this point, but he wants me to whip him into top 3 shape. As long as he sticks with the program he should have a really good season. I put together the training schedule for the
Copley CC team. We are going to take a little different approach this year by separating the boys and girls during key workouts. The school has hired "Pookie" as an assistant coach. Yes....Pookie. I am not sure I can call her that...but she insists that everyone else I will give it a try. It really is good that she is on board.

* Shaw-Blades - Jo and I went to see Tommy Shaw from Styx and Jack Blades from Night Ranger last week at the Tangier. A friend of mine is now the owner of the Tangier and was very kind to get us tickets. It was a great show.

* BR100 Training - We had a really good group run over the weekend on the Buckeye Trail. Next week should be interesting as I have to run 3 1/2 hours of trails on Saturday, then 4 1/2 hours of trails on Sunday. Happy Fathers Day.

* I have mentioned this to only a few people, but I am now convinced that once Maddie graduates from High School I am going to move to California. Check back in 9 years for an update.

* Web Site O' The Week - I often check out the twisted Photoshop work on
Worth 1000. Pretty cool stuff.

* Photo of the Week - My Buddy Joe doing whatever it takes to get to Boston 2008.


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