Monday, June 4, 2007

Test Drive Part II

The test run went much better than I had expected. We started at Happy Days under sunny skies and dry conditions. I wasn't sure what to expect as Kurt and Steve were fully armed with Fuel Belts and supplies. I carried a simple fannypack with a few baby wipes. By the wipes are used versus toilet paper. Vince says that baby wipes prevent Monkey Butt. Our pace was pretty slow as the goal was to run the course without getting lost. We actually were able to follow the directions well except for two spots. Hopefully those spots will be marked come race day.

Running 35 miles can be harder and easier than it sounds. I made sure to take note when we passed the 26.2 mile mark, since that was the farthest I had ever previously run. We hit that just past the poop plant in the valley around 9:20 pm.

We finished just before Midnight. I was really satisfied with our effort and how good I felt. I actually considered getting up at 7am to run with the Sunday morning group!

Special thanks to Jo for being our support crew. She met us three times along the way with supplies.


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