Sunday, June 7, 2009

True Blood

When I was a young kid my mother used to watch a "daytime drama" called Dark Shadows. I used to watch it as well. I have fond memories of that show. Well...I caught wind of a series on HBO called True Blood. Thanks to HBO On Demand I have finished watching the first season of this series. It was created by Alan Ball, who also created one of my favorite HBO Series called Six Feet Under. Great writing, great acting, and dark story lines. The premise is basically about Vampires as a community / societal class wanting to integrate with mainstream human life. It is pretty intense and I highly recommend it. Season Two premiers on HBO June 14th.

My running has been picking up. I did the No Frills All Hills run and covered roughly 34 miles in just under 5 1/2 hours. I maintained my 100 mile goal pace...which was my target. A good day.

I hit 104 miles last week. That is the most miles I have had in several years. I am feeling really good these days and seem to be well ahead of my 2007 fitness. June and July will be intense training months.

Next week I head to Florida for a quick visit with my brother and his family, then I am off to Utah for the Ragnar Relay. I really don't have my racing legs right now...but it will be a fun trip to take with Jo.


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