Monday, August 31, 2009

Chaney Update 08.31-09.06

Yes indeed folks. Got my Kiss tickets for the September 28th show. They are on their Kiss Alive 35 anniversary tour. I saw them in 1977 on the Destroyer tour and pretty much every tour after that until they took off the makeup. I may even have some of my old tour programs somewhere around here. Old...Fat...and Rich. Sounds good to me. Jo will have to put up with me at the show.

School starts this week. It will be nice to get into a groove. Summer was good but I like structure. I am going to start helping out at Vertical Runner soon. Stop in and say hello.

Cross Country
A fantastic weekend invitational on my birthday. Everyone ran well including my varsity boys team. Five out of the seven hit PR's. Hopefully a sign that the training I am putting together for them is and will be paying off. The girls team has fewer people and they are a little farther apart from each other. I need to focus on their improvement this week.

Good week of training behind me. Test week ahead. I need to hit my numbers this week if I have any chance of running a decent marathon for a 46 year old guy. Stay tuned...

Mon: 8 easy miles
Tue: 12 miles with 8 tempo in the middle
Wed: 13 group miles
Thu: 8 easy miles
Fri: 23 miles as follows-> 8 easy + 8 marathon pace + 1 tempo + 4 marathon pace + 1 tempo + 1 marathon pace. A great workout.
Sat: 6 recovery miles
Sun: 10-12 group miles


Anonymous,  August 31, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

OK Jim. My NEXT pair of shoes is from VR now. Hope you are well! Enjoy the show!

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