Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

  • TV Show - True Blood. Nothing cooler on the air.
  • Technology - Garmin 310XT.
  • Running Route - Mingo Trail. I often forget how much fun this loop can be.
  • Workout - 6x400 meters followed by 8x200 meters. All up hill.
  • Quote - "The thought of Brett coming out of retirement yet again makes me want to Favre." - Shawn Bolender
  • Beverage - Mountain Dew Voltage. Bring on the sugar and calories!
  • Activity - Coaching High School Cross Country.
  • Website - www.worth1000.com
  • Retro Album - Combat Rock by the Clash
  • Memorable Photo - Maddie on the first and second day of 1st Grade. Love it day 1. Hated day 2!


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