Friday, May 1, 2009

Prologue - May 1st

As I have stated before, this blog will be the vehicle in which I document my Burning River 100 training experience. I will also be throwing in tidbits of info, advice that I find beneficial, and notes about my weight/diet/etc. So....on with the show!

My official start day will be May 11th, but since I have only run a grand total of 70 miles in the month of April, I am going to need to work up to training condition over the next 10 days. What better way to start than to run the Boston Store to (almost) Pine Lane parking lot and back! I met Nick Billock for 3 miles as he finished up his 30 mile run in the mud. I am glad I jumped in at that point of the run. I am out of shape and stiff as a board. The great news is that my leg feels totally healed. I know I can get my shape back...but when your brain and body are not in sync it can be a drag. I was able to slowly loosen up and chopped 8 minutes on my return trip to the car. I will be running a Personal Worst (PW) this Sunday in Pittsburgh...but so what. It should be a fun trip and I am looking forward to running with the mid-packers.

I also bought a new car today on my first official day of being unemployed. This has eliminated any fear of my vehicle breaking down or needing major repair for the next couple of years. The car is a Kia Rondo and should be much better on gas and getting around.

I also stopped in to visit Vince at Vertical Runner. The new space looks great! I am looking forward to becoming more involved with VR over the next year.


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