Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7x9 is not equal to 9x7

Today was one of those days where things were just right. I met the Wednesday morning group at our usual 4:50am start. I was fully expecting a sluggish run after Damon, Nilesh, and Matt had just run the Cleveland Marathon 3 days earlier. A nice run down to Portage Path and back. 7 or so miles at 9 minute pace would have been right. I should have known better. We started easy enough, but once everyone got their legs back...we decided to do the 9 mile loop. Once we got up Merriman the pace dropped below 6:50 per mile. We actually averaged about 7:10...but my math had it at 9 miles @ 7 minute pace. Oh well.

I had a second run with Vince on the trails from Pine Lane. It was a nice easy pace fortunately since I had about 2.5 hours rest between the runs.

I had an I Like My Life moment today. I stopped at a gas station to get gas. Inside there were three sales reps for some cigarette company getting chewed out by the low hourly wage employee working, saying that they are losing business because the ciggy guys weren't delivering enough smokes. It was her moment to dump on someone...and their moment to take it. What a way to live.


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