Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sub 3 Club

Injuries bite. After missing any chance of running the marathon in Pittsburgh due to my quad injury, I "watched" my training partners all go under three hours today at Cleveland via text updates. I really wish I could have been there to run or at least watch. Matt earned a new PR of 2:37. Damon nailed a 2:40 on a very short training time table. Nilesh collected a 2:55 as well. My PR window is closing it's probably this Fall or bust.

BR100 training is well under way. Karl won the MMT 100 this weekend. I feel that we have a good relationship going now and look forward to the challenge he is about to throw my way.

Logan's graduation party was this weekend as well. We did have fun and I managed to stay dry until the very end. Once again Jo deserves the MVP for weathering the storm I call family.


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