Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return to the Carriage Trail

I had a solid workout today. Started at Station Road Bridge and ran the mile 30 to 36.4 section of the Burning River 100 course. This is the Carriage Trail Loop....the same loop where I ran out of gas two years ago...with the same bench where I sat for 15 minutes and wondered what I had done to myself and why I was there. The loop is somewhat sacred ground for me. I ran very easy with Glenn and Dan to the bottom of the loop. It is always nice to run with others. I had warned them that I was doing a workout and would be pushing it once we arrived at the bridge. I picked it up and pushed it the entire loop. This is the first hard run I have done in about 6 weeks and it felt awesome. I hit the bottom of the loop I headed back on the towpath at a pretty good pace. Once I made it back to Station Road Bridge, the Thursday trail group had assembled and was going to do 4 miles. I jumped in with them and ran a nice cool down 4 with David P. Each day that I run I feel stronger which is key right now.

* I received my training plan for the next two weeks. I have a test on May 30th at the No Frills All Hills 6 hour run. I really hope to run the entire 6 hours at my BR100 pace. It is a two mile loop at Kendall Hills, and because it is a Fat Ass event...there are no official rules. I will probably reverse direction on the loop every 4 miles to keep me sane.

* For the first time in a long time I did not listen to the radio or watch ESPN at all today. The loss last night by the Cavs was reminiscent of the Browns losses in the 1980's. I know it's only a game...but painful none the less

* Logan has his Senior Prom on Saturday night, which means I probably won't get much sleep worrying about him. Can you say Parachute Parent?

* I may have a running related opportunity for this Fall. Stay tuned.


Nick Billock May 23, 2009 at 4:24 AM  

The Carriage Trail is a place for me not to forget, either. It was there at Mile 38 last August where I twisted my ankle that eventually spelled doom for me at Mile 55 and a DNF at BR100. I can walk you to the spot it happened and won't ever forget it. Not bad to return to those places and commit to not let these things happen again.

I'm curious of the fall opportunity...

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