Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let the Games Begin

I just received my first two weeks of training from Karl. We are going to ease into the training so I don't blow my leg out again. Smart approach. I am really looking forward to getting started, but I am also a little timid right now. My running gait is still out of whack. One month of limping around has brought about more knocks and pings than I care to recognize. Another few weeks of running and I should be back to my old self.

Last weekend was the Pittsburgh Marathon, an event I trained most of the Winter for. I ran the half after one solid month of minimal running (total April miles were 70 and I gained 10 pounds). It was the farthest run and fastest pace I have sustained in over 30 days. Starting over sucks....but it is a starting point so it is upward and onward from here.

Logan, Maddie, Jo, and I are heading to the Cavs game tonight. It should be a blast.

I am officially one week into my unemployment. I will no longer refer to it as unemployment as I know I am lucky in being able to take this time off to spend with the kids and train. Many opportunities lie stay tuned.


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