Monday, July 6, 2009

Final Month

The Burning River 100 miler is in one month. I am really looking forward to running this event. Registrations are up over previous years and there are several top notch runners coming into town for the event. My preparation has been going very well and I hope to be close to my time goal. The main goal is to finish. This will at least get me into the lottery for the 2010 Western States Endurance Run. I plan on running smart for the entire 100 miles. It is easy to get sucked into competitive mode early on....but I have to put all of that away for most of the race. I will go through the highs and lows like everyone else, but really hope to maintain a steady run inspite of how I am feeling.

A friend of mine was recently in Gary Indiana and took this photo of the Jackson Family house after Michaels death. Can you imagine raising a family that size in a house this small?


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