Saturday, December 5, 2009

Plan in Place

Well my 18% chance for Western States may have well been 0%. I didn't get in, which is too bad because I really doubt I will run another 100 just to qualify for Western again. So the table is set for the National Marathon in DC on March 20th. This gives me enough time to train and not overtrain. It also gives me a second chance should the National not go according to plan. I can always regroup and do either the Flying Pig or Cleveland.

Congrats to the Burning River 100 miler. It has been selected as the 2010 USATF Trail 100 National Championship. I am timing / webcasting / helping this national exposure to Chaney Event Management is on the way.

Got a good 18 miler in today. Final pace was around 6:54 which is not that big of a deal. What was important was that I ran miles 2-5 around 6:20 pace with no impact on the rest of the run. I backed it down on the carriage trail then picked it back up on the way back. The 6:45-6:55 remainder of the run seemed pretty relaxed. This is a good starting point. The key will be to hook up as much as I can with people who run faster than me.


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