Monday, April 27, 2009

Next Chapter

It has been quite a week. I found out on Friday that my last day at Anglebar Solutions would be Thursday April 30th. I have been at Anglebar from the very beginning. I have also worked with the same group of people for many many years, and have been associated with some for more than 20 years. I knew this would be happening for some time so it is not a total shock. We had a great run at Anglebar and the possibilities were always there, but like anything in life it was time for it to end. So begins the next chapter...

My running is on to its next chapter as well. The injury I have been battling has taken me out of the Pittsburgh Marathon and any thoughts of the Cleveland Marathon. I continue to slowly get my legs back. It is frustrating when just a few weeks ago I was in nearly the best shape of my I am a slug with a bad wheel. I am still heading to Pittsburgh to support my friends in the marathon. I will tank my way through the Half Marathon and use it as a long run. Anyone have a Team in Training singlet I can borrow?

The next adventure will be the Burning River 100. I plan on writing about my training and journey in this blog on an almost daily basis. If for no other reason than to document three months of my life for my kids to read decades from now. Maybe when their kids look at Grandpa Jim they will have a better understanding of who I was as a younger man.

So it's time to turn the page, move on to the next chapter. How will the story end? Stay tuned.


Anonymous,  April 29, 2009 at 8:36 AM  

I will be reading with interest!

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