Thursday, April 24, 2008

Race Report - Boston Marathon

Q: Boston or Bust

A: Bust

I have been dragging my feet about reporting on my Boston run. I guess there was nothing I could have done differently and it was just one of those things. A few weeks ago I twisted my knee coming down some steps. It has been lingering for the last month. At mile 5 of the Boston Marathon I felt some discomfort in the knee. I pretty much ignored it until my knee "popped" around mile 10. I came to a sudden stop and hobbled over to the med tent. The medical people on the course were great. They sat me down right away, gave me Gatorade, scanned my bib so that if someone was looking for me I would be recorded as "out". After some time sitting in the med tent I was given a choice of either waiting for the bus and getting a ride back, or continuing on. I decided to just get to the next medical station then make a final decision. Once I got going at a very slow trot I decided just to run it out and deal with the discomfort. It is Boston.

Three hours and fifty minutes later I crossed the line. A new PW (personal worst). I did learn many things that day about mid-pack runners, and I have gained a new respect for those who are out on the course for that long (and longer).

Now it is on to an appt with the good Dr. Shah. We will plot a new course and forge ahead. Stay tuned.
Joey Phillips and I are on the far right in the photo taken at the 30K mark.


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