Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Before I begin....mucho thanks to Jo, Tracy, Hillary, Ed, Rich, Al, Logan, Kelly, the Young Family, my Mom, Ron, and everyone else who helped me get through this "race". My first and only 100 mile race. Very difficult. Hats off to those who do these all of the time. Not me. One and done. Here is my recap:

  • Miles 1-26.2 - went out way too fast. My time after the "first" marathon was 3:25
  • Miles 26.2 to 32 - slowed down and ended in a total crash. I was fried. I sat down on a bench for at least 5 minutes and rethought my approach. I decided to just walk the rest of the way to the finish.
  • Mile 34 - My GPS lost the signal. I turned it off. Best move of the day.
  • Mile 34 to 43 - Found that I felt much better around 40. Did a slow trot and walk to 43.
  • Mile 43 to 50 - Got my second wind. No damage to the legs. I was still mostly walking but ran every now and then.
  • Mile 50 to 65 - Kept a steady walk / run pace. Felt really good.
  • Mile 65 to the finish - Picked up my first pacer and we decided to go 5 minutes walking then 2-3 minutes running. Because my legs felt great we ran at about 8 min pace. Kept the same strategy after getting my second pacer at mile 84. I passed everyone who had passed me during my crash.
  • Final - 5th place overall (144 starters, 68 finishers, tough course on a hot day). My time was 20:55:12.

Some Photos....

Barking out commands at mile 50

Finished after almost 21 hours


E-Speed August 7, 2007 at 11:22 AM  

Great job out there! You had a great crew. I remember you blowing through our aid station and not needing any volunteer assistance. Very impressive run.

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