Monday, October 19, 2009

What's Next?

I paced the 3:20 group at the Columbus Marathon this past weekend. I really had a nice time and all went well. Running slower does not always translate to running easier. Holding a super steady pace for 26 miles has its own challenges. Here is a photo Jo took around the 12 mile mark.

My work with the Copley Cross Country team has pushed me over the edge to hook up once again with my Masters friends and hit the USATF Club Cross Country National Championship in December. I have put together an aggressive 8 week program to follow. The good news is that I have a huge base and many of the workouts are really extensions of what I have been giving the HS team this year. Should be fun.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Update

I have been blog slacking lately. I don't expect things to pick up anytime soon, so I will post general updates from time to time. Once November rolls around I will really really try to journalize my Boston training. So...on with the show....

Thanks to Jo for everything. She was sweet enough to come down and watch me practice pace at the Towpath Marathon. She will also come down to Columbus for my real pacing duties. I have the 3:20 group. I am looking forward to it. It definitely carries a different kind of pressure, but I think it will be fun. Hopefully the winds are kind and the balloons I am carrying don't carry me away.

Jo and I saw KISS a week or so ago. They played everything from ALIVE...their live breakthrough album. It was great as I expected. A few too many indoor fireworks for Jo. Thanks for hanging in there dear!

Cross Country has been much more rewarding than I expected. The team has really come together and have improved nearly every week. I really hope they can pull a rabbit out of the hat and move through Districts to Regionals. It would be a great team experience.

I am hoping to go back to work soon. I will detail everything once it is finalized. Stay tuned...

My second job is also about to start. I have decided to officially start a Race Event Management company. I hope to provide a service that will complement what SARC does and will be viewed as something unique. I should have the launch set by November 7th.

My recent timing gig at the North Coast 24 National Championship was a real experience. Plans are in the works for a bigger and better structure in 2010.

Maddie is getting through the 6th grade pretty well. Math continues to be a hurdle for her. I wish I could help her more but I have learned that being a helicopter parent is not the best thing to do!
Logan is coming home this weekend from Ohio U. I think he is enjoying Athens and his grades are very good.
That's it for now!


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