Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Training Tuesdays

Tuesdays are always busy from beginning to end. Here is how today will play out:
4:45am - get up
5:00am - run
6:00am - finish run
6:15am - pick up Logan
6:55am - take Logan to school
7:05am - head to WalMart for pantyhose for Maddie
7:25am - pick up Maddie
8:45am - drop Maddie off at school
9:10am - get to work
noon - head back to Copley. Logan forgot his track uniform AGAIN
5:00pm - leave work and head to Jo's
6:00pm - volleyball at Whitey's
7:05pm - run from Whitey's back to Jo's - Workout is 2 mile warm up then 4 x 3 mile repeats @ 6 minute pace with 1/4 mile recovery between. Total will be just over 15 miles
8:50pm - arrive at Jo's


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