Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Columbus Marathon / Random Thoughts

Three weeks to go. I am feeling pretty good about my training. No more extracurricular events in my way so the final training push should be solid. The course has been modified and I am looking forward to a less boring 2nd half. Here is the link to the course if anyone is interested.

Matt joined our Wednesday morning group today. I really like this group which includes Damon, Nilesh, and Rich. Joe, Mike, and Tony used to jump in as well. Maybe we can coax these guys back. We are very compatible as runners and I look forward to getting up at 4:20am and meeting these guys.

We have renamed our iPhone application from "Watch It Change" to just "Movie Maker". It seemed to make more sense since that is actually what it is. We are also moving the price to free. I imagine we will see a spike in activity because of this. The website will be changing as well. Here is the new dot com ->

I had a great time with the Akron Marathon this past weekend. Very cool for Jo and I to assist the Women's 8K group and invited marathoners. Very nice people. They clearly deserve a tremendous amount of respect for their running resumes, but the reality is they are just very nice regular people. I hope we get to host another USATF event next year.

A very strange thing happened at the Akron Marathon expo. I walked by our booth and didn't recognize any of the three people sitting there. This means that either a) I don't know as many club members as I thought, b) we have recruited more new members than I am aware of, or c) we paid people to sit there while the club hosted the pasta dinner. Maybe all of the above!

Tonight Jo and I are going to see Lindsey Buckingham at the House of Blues. I saw him in Minneapolis around 1990. Man I am old...but so is he. Should be a good show.

My big toe nail on the right foot fell off the night before the Erie Half Marathon. It is coming back now. Just thought I would share.

My dog has a horrible yeast infection in his ears. He really stinks. Just thought I would share.


Bob October 1, 2008 at 2:39 PM  

Hey, we're the same age, so be careful about referring to yourself as old - it's just a number!

Have fun tonight and I hope things stop falling off and stinking for you!

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