Friday, October 24, 2008

What Next

I expected to have a PR in the books after Columbus and thought I would be planning some 5K training to see if I could reach my adult PR before the end of the year. Obviously that didn't happen. I took two days off after Columbus to recover. I ran with my Wednesday morning group and surprisingly felt as if I hadn't even run a marathon. Same thing on Thursday. I am convinced I simply ran out of fuel in Columbus. No sore spots, blisters, pulled muscles, etc. Looking back I admit I did a horrible job with my diet the week before the run. No carbo loading....nothing. Just plain stupid. So....

Plan A - 2.0
I want to take advantage of my fitness and give it one more PR shot. I am going to mix the last 8 weeks of Columbus training with Pete Pfitzingers 8 week Multiple Marathons program and go for it again at the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 14th. Columbus now feels like it was a good long run for me. Eight weeks is the perfect amount of time to cycle back into a program so Dallas works out well. I am looking forward to the challenge!


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