Monday, March 8, 2010

Wacky Weekend + Training

Friday Maddie had a sleep over with 6 other girls. We did Laser Quest which was fun. I kind of wanted to smack one of the teenage boys there as he kept running into me. Next time for sure. After that we went back to the house for cake and pizza. The girls were very noisy but good for most of the night. I think they finally fell asleep at 4am. Unfortunately I had to wake up at 4:30am.

Next I timed the Green Jewel 50K. Standing outside from 5:30am until 2pm can take a toll. I would have been better off running. By the time I got home at 3:15pm...I was beat. At 8:30pm I was in bed until 8:30am on Sunday.

Sunday I ran the Shamrock 15K. My body was beat from the beginning. The first 4 miles were way too fast and the final 5 miles were way too slow. I will take away that it was a good workout on tired legs and mind. Fortunately I was still able to win my age group....but my time was far from what I had hoped to run.

The bib numbers for the National Marathon have been posted. I was assigned number 40. The good news is that I get to be up in the 1st corral with the elite runners. I have looked at my competition for the day and there are 10 of us, in the masters group, who have predicted our average pace between 5:30 and 6:30 per mile. I am trying to decide if I write these numbers down and have Jo keep me posted as to my position within the group. Maybe. Maybe not.

Training this week (less than 2 weeks to go before the marathon)
Mon: 10 miles with Matt
Tue: 4 x 1200 repeats
Wed: 8 group miles
Thu: 6 easy miles
Fri: 8 easy miles
Sat: 4 easy miles + timing a 5K
Sun: 10 easy miles with 2 @ marathon pace
Total = 53 miles


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