Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How far was that Marathon?

* Uhh...26.2 miles. This is a question I get alot from people at work. We all have our hobbies that most others could care less about. Mine is running. So as I head out at lunch each day to run, I think about how passionate my friends and co-workers are about their particular hobbies, and about how little I really know about them. I will work on that this year.

* Marathon and Beyond - So after dropping out of my last marathon attempt due to some sort of flu bug, what is next? Why a 100 mile race of course! I think this is going to be more about survival than running. I just think if I am ever going to ATTEMPT anything of this is the time to do it. Especially when it is local. I have already decided to scribble "Patience" on my left hand and "Damage Control" on my right. You can get all of the gory details here - >

* School is out in about 11 days. Summer is almost here. We belong to Loyal Oak Lake. I am also kicking around the idea of re-joining Fort Island pool. So we will have a pool and a pond. A pond would be better for you.

* My Deaf Dog - Tiny is totally deaf now. The squirrels in the backyard taunt him. I wouldn't be surprised to see one sling an acorn his way.

* Maddie had a bridge ceremony with her Brownie Troop. She has graduated to Junior Girl Scout. Must mean higher cookie quotas next year.

* Logan's girlfriend set the school record for the mile last week at 5:15. She has relationship bragging rights. Rock on Shannon!

* The sunflowers that Jo and I planted are starting to grow. The backyard should look pretty cool once that are 8 feet tall.


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