Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Damon Nilesh Loop

Working on another staple run. Wednesday mornings. Seems like it gets earlier and earlier each week...but I start at 4:48am-5:00am. Today it was cold. 23 degrees cold to be precise. I meet Damon at Sand Run Parkway and Revere Road. We pick up Nilesh near the water. Joe jumps in at Stan Hywet. Tony and Mike make appearances from time to time. Today was a bit faster than usual but comfortable. I had two issues along the way. First I slipped off a rock trying to cross the creek. My foot remained frozen most of the way. Second I had to tie my shoe while running up Merriman. I stopped and my laces were frozen. This was a bad move. Trying to catch Damon and Nilesh....going up hill no not easy. I think (or hope) they realized I had dropped back and slowed down to wait for me. This is a good run that usually follows a tough Tuesday. Below are our splits and route.


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