Friday, July 20, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

On Monday I begin my taper for the Burning River 100. The taper is significant because it means it is almost time to race/run. All of the training over the last few months will determine when I finish. I will finish by the way. I have told Jo that I am finishing no matter what. There are no do-overs with something like this. I am lucky and thankful to have a great support crew that day. Jo (of course) will be handling everything from aid station to aid station. Here is the happy couple pre-100 miler.

We will not be this happy during the race. I think we are both prepared for the crabbyness on both of our parts. Assistant crew members are Tracy, Connie, and Hillary. They will give Jo much needed support as the day wears on. My pacers will be Rich, Tracy, and Ed. Their job is to keep me moving forward, spot tricky sections of the course, and make sure I get to the next aid station. We are all going out to dinner on the 27th to review the game plan. I hope it is as much of an adventure for them as I expect it to be for me.

BT 50K Epilogue
Here is a shot of my toe. It hurt more at the time than it looks. The purple spread over the next day. I will take better care of my feet during the 100 miler.


Maria July 23, 2007 at 6:49 AM  

I'm so excited for you! It's amazing what the help and love from your partner can do to make any race that much more bearable.

Good luck to you-I'll be volunteering along the way at a few of the aid stations.

Oh and that toe looks painful!

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