Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boston Marathon - 8 weeks to go

Here is my schedule for the week. 8 weeks of training ahead including a 15K on a very hilly course, a half marathon in Washington DC, then Boston. The bottom line to the training is to just do it. I don't want to look back just before the marathon and think "I wish I hadn't missed that workout."

Monday, 2-25: 1hr 30min
Tuesday, 2-26: AM -1 hr. PM Run - Track: 2 mile warmup. 14x800 at 10K pace. 200m easy between.
Wednesday, 2-27: AM Run - 1 hr. PM Run - 50 min easy.
Thursday, 2-28: Run - 15 min warmup then 1:25 @ marathon pace. Cool down 10 min.
Friday, 2-29: Off day.
Saturday, 3-1: 2hrs 40min medium.
Sunday, 3-2: 1 hr easy.


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