Friday, July 25, 2008

Hood to Coast / Updates

Hood to Coast is now within 30 days. 197 miles from the treeline on Mount Hood to the coast (Seaside, Oregon). I received my leg assignments and am pumped about the trip. I will be running legs 8, 20, and 32. I am feeling the most fit in 3 years, so it bodes well for this adventure.

A guy I know put together some music mixes that I use while running. To download a mix, right click on the solarmix# and save target as.. They are large files so you need high speed internet to get them. Just beware of number 2.

solarmix1 playlist1 anger scale: mellow, mix with hits, worldbeat
solarmix2 playlist2 anger scale: maximal; music from satan himself*
solarmix3 playlist3 anger scale: mellow; punk rock girls go surfing
solarmix4 playlist4 anger scale: mellow; all MC Solaar, french rap
solarmix5 playlist5 anger scale: mellow; mix of classical music
solarmix6 playlist6 instigated by egret, morphed into rock and roll phoenix music.
solarmix7 playlist7 very very mellow; injury comeback music. all female vocals remixed or set to trip-hop beats; nora jones, ella fitzgerald and some international greats.
solarmix8 playlist8 high energy seattle grunge-mix, inspired by sans souci; you may never need caffeine again. almost all the energy of solarmix2, with only 10% of the evil
solarmix9 playlist9 about 70 min of 70's soul and funk, loosely lyric-ed with positive running messages, so tell me something good everyday people, and don't you worry about a thing, 'cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough...
solarmix10 playlist10 running in the desert...
solarmix11 playlist11 this one is short and sweet. jpgarland posted something about running to the soundtrack of endurance (disney movie about haile geb... see it if you haven't!) so i got the idea of putting together a bunch of movie sountracks. only 40 minutes... mostly good movies, some cheesy ones, but good, mostly orchestral, music throughout. (hey, by the way, this is an olympic year... this will help get you in the mood...)


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