Thursday, August 7, 2008

Burning River 100 / Training

Burning River 100 - Training got a little off track last week due to the Burning River 100. I was busy from the very start to the very end. Friday Jo and I sat at the registration desk taking runners photos for the webcast that I was running. Got a few hours of sleep on Friday. Rich came over to my house at 3am on Saturday for our drive to the start. Hung out and watched the start of the race at 5am. We did the timing for the event, so it was very busy and steady for the next 30 hours. Most of the timing was done remotely by me, Jo, Matt, Josh, and my mom. Thanks everyone!

Wedged in between the timing were my pacing duties for Rich. I have to say that I almost would have rather been running all day than handling the timing. Once I met Rich at Boston Store, the next 20 miles would be my time to relax and have fun. Rich looked a little beat, but still strong willed as we made our way into the hills and eventually the darkness. The course was very well marked except for a section where "hoodlums" had removed the trail markings. Five and a half hours after Boston Store I handed Rich off to Ed for the remaining 20 miles. I quickly headed to the finish line to set up my timing spot. It was great to see everyone come across the line as I had last year. There were bumps along the way with the timing, and I was a little unsociable to periods of time as I was getting things back in line. Sorry for not being more chatty!

The race ended at 11am. I quickly created the final results for the awards ceremony, hung out a bit, then headed home. It is now Thursday and my sleep pattern is finally back in order. I am glad I didn't run! Great job to everyone who ran or volunteered. It takes a huge human effort to make this event roll.

Logan - Logan was stung by a bee/wasp at practice on Tuesday morning. He had a bad allergic reaction and his face, eyes, mouth, and throat all swelled up pretty bad. He spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday in the hospital. All is fine now, but we have to keep an EpiPen on hand from this point forward.

Training - I am back on track with my training. Here is my schedule this week.

Mon 8-4: 1 hour easy

Tue 8-5: AM: 1 hour easy. PM: 14 x 1 mile repeats (missed due to Logan bee sting)

Wed 8-6: AM: 1:15hr with Damon / Nilesh

Thu 8-7: 1:30hr with 3/4 mile surges

Fri 8-8: 1 hr easy

Sat 8-9: AM: 10K race

Sun 8-10: 2hr30min with some marathon pace work


Sensationally Red August 7, 2008 at 8:12 PM  

Great job on the timing and pacing Rich! I didn't think you were unsociable at all. You had a huge job. I bet you would've rather been running! Glad Logan is OK. Mike has a terrible allergy to bees...pretty scary the way the way a face can puff up and give a new look.

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