Wednesday, February 27, 2008

G.I. Joe Takes No Prisoners

My brothers and I were the G.I. Joe kings in the mid-1970's. Not the tiny Joe's that came later, but the 12" figures with life-like hair. The real deal. We had everything. All of the vehicles, the training tower, the water stuff. Everything. Each of us had a specific guy. I had the African-American G.I. Joe. Very progressive at that time. It seems Joe is making the rounds over the internet these days. Classic.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boston Marathon - 8 weeks to go

Here is my schedule for the week. 8 weeks of training ahead including a 15K on a very hilly course, a half marathon in Washington DC, then Boston. The bottom line to the training is to just do it. I don't want to look back just before the marathon and think "I wish I hadn't missed that workout."

Monday, 2-25: 1hr 30min
Tuesday, 2-26: AM -1 hr. PM Run - Track: 2 mile warmup. 14x800 at 10K pace. 200m easy between.
Wednesday, 2-27: AM Run - 1 hr. PM Run - 50 min easy.
Thursday, 2-28: Run - 15 min warmup then 1:25 @ marathon pace. Cool down 10 min.
Friday, 2-29: Off day.
Saturday, 3-1: 2hrs 40min medium.
Sunday, 3-2: 1 hr easy.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Major Baby

Major Baby reporting for duty sir! Boo hoo!

I am officially sick of this weather. I bag my morning fun run with Damon and Nilesh because it was too cold (waaahhh). I had planned on going outside at lunch, but like a baby, proceeded to just hit the treadmill at the Nat for 1.5 hrs. Spring please get here soon. Ran easy in a diaper.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Marathon Performances of Note

Mark Godale and Becki Michael both ran very well at the AT&T Austin Marathon over the weekend. Becki running her debut marathon finished as the 1st American Woman and 2nd Overall Women clocking a time of 2:43:45. She is a fellow Team Good River member and has a promising running career ahead of her. Mark was equally impressive finishing 17th overall with a 2:38:43. Mark has put his nose to the grindstone over the last year and is returning to prime form.

I only hope the training that I am putting in will pay off in 2008. Thanks to both of you for continuing to inspire me.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dodging Winter

Matt, Rich, and I were the only brave souls out there today. Matt wasn't feeling well and turned after two miles. Rich and I ran a nice 10.5 mile loop. I almost didn't make it due to the forecast...but as it turns was one of the nicer mornings so far this Winter. A little windy in spots...but not bad. Our timing couldn't have been better. Once I got home the wind and blowing snow started. It is 15 degrees colder as I write this than it was a few hours ago while we were running.

Training Schedule - Week of Feb 11th.
Monday, 2-11: Run - 1 hour easy
Tuesday, 2-12: AM Run 1 hour easy. PM Run - Track: WU 2 as usual. Main set is 6x2 miles at a pace that is 5-10 sec/mile faster than your current predicted marathon pace. Take a very easy - just barely jogging - 400 between reps.
Wednesday, 2-13: AM Run - 1 hour easy. PM Run - WU 15 min to marathon pace. Main set is 1:30 hrs at pace. WD 15 min easy.
Thursday, 2-14: Run - 1 hour easy.
Friday, 2-15: Off day.
Saturday, 2-16: Run - 2:30 hrs total with 1:15 hrs at marathon pace.
Sunday, 2-17: Run - 1 hr to 1:30 hrs easy


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Burger King vs Chaney

More than one person has told me that my diet is bad. I know this. I do try to eat better...but sometimes I sabotage myself. Yesterday was one of those days. I had a meeting for the USATF Womens 8K Championship that is being run here in Akron in September. I am on the race committee. The last meeting we had there was an email sent asking what we wanted for lunch. I ordered an Italian Sub. Perfect. Well I never received a lunch request for the meeting yesterday. I was hungry so I went to Burger King and grabbed a Double Hamburger and Onion Rings. Wolfed them down on the way to the meeting. Got to the meeting and I had a large Italian Sub with my name on it waiting for me. I couldn't be rude and not eat with the I ate that as well. Double lunch day! Problem was I had an 800 workout a few hours after the meeting. I felt ok the rest of the afternoon and put the food out of my mind. Met Jo and headed to the Kent State Fieldhouse for the workout. Got on the track around 5:30pm. Two laps into my warmup I was fighting heartburn. 2 repeats into my 800 workout I was burping onion rings. I felt like the sub was trying to break out of my stomach like the creature in Alien. Somehow I got through the workout...but I paid for it.

Lessons learned: Better diet. Eat light on hard workout days. I kicked the Burger Kings @ss!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week of Feb 3rd - 800 crazy

The 1st week of a 3 week climb. I have 800's on Tuesday. I haven't run 800's for a while now. 27 years ago I consistantly ran under 2 minutes for the 800 with a best of 1:56.7.....but 27 years ago there was no way I could run 10 x 800 in a workout. Old guys rock!

  • Monday, 2-4: AM: Run - 1:30 hrs total.
  • Tuesday, 2-5: AM Run - 1 hr easy. PM Run - Track: WU 2 miles. Main set is 10x800 at 2:40-45 per 800.
  • Wednesday, 2-6: AM Run - 1 hr easy.
  • Thursday, 2-7: Run - WU 15 min to marathon pace. Main set is 1:15 at marathon pace. WD 10 min.
  • Friday, 2-8: Off day.
  • Saturday, 2-9: Run - 2:20 hrs total with 50 min to 1 hr at marathon pace.
  • Sunday, 2-10: Run - No more than 1 hr to 1:15 hrs all easy.

Anyone interested in joining in on the fun?


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