Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peak Week Ahead

A nice "down" week behind me as I head to the first of my "peak" weeks. When I selected the Daniels plan to follow, the first thing you had to do was determine your peak mileage. Based on my life and work schedule...I went with 91. I know several people who go over 100. My 45 year old body is not built for 91 it is. I will be traveling down south to warm temps on Wednesday so my Thursday to Sunday runs will be in shorts and no shirt. Lucky timing.

Mon: 10 miles easy
Tue: 2 mile warm up. 4 mile tempo / 4 min rest / 3 mile tempo / 3 min rest / 2 mile tempo / 2 min rest / 1 mile tempo. 2 mile cool down.
Wed: 13 miles group run
Thu: 10 easy miles
Fri: 10 miles
Sat: 2 miles warm up / 4 miles tempo / 10 miles easy / 2x2 miles tempo with 2 min rest / 2 miles cool down
Sun: 12 miles easy

Random Thoughts

A great turnout at the Frostbite 5K. Watching / timing races is tough because I want to jump in and run.

My aquarium is filthy. I hate cleaning it.

The shuttle launch was delayed, so we won't see it go. Bummer.

Cavs vs Lakers will be a great game. I hope the Cavs make a statement.

The warmer weather here is a bonus. Snow storms still ahead. I will not take the warmer days lightly.

Chicken Fried Rice Rocks.

Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles is my current favorite song.


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