Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goodbye January

What a month. Nothing but cold and near record breaking snow. All the while I had the highest monthly mileage total in nearly 3 years. 311 miles in the book. I am 4 weeks into the Daniels Marathon Plan and all is going well. February will be tougher, both with mileage and weather. The payoff should start in March/April with the finale on May 3rd at Pittsburgh. Cross your fingers for me.

Mon: 6 easy miles
Tue: 2 miles easy + 10 miles marathon pace + 2 miles easy
Wed: 13 miles group
Thu: 9 miles
Fri: 4 miles easy
Sat: 4 miles easy
Sun: 4 miles easy + 8 miles MP + 1 mile Tempo + 6 miles MP + 1 mile Tempo + 2 miles easy

Random Thoughts

Thanks to Ben and Bella for a fun Groundhogs Day Party. Homebrew was awesome.

Just can't route for Pittsburgh. Go Cardinals.

My face is chapped from the January temps.

Heading to Florida next week to see the Shuttle Launch. Got tickets to get into Nasa. Should be LOUD.

Congrats to my friend Ron Legg for his honorable mention in Running Times as Masters Runner of the Year.

The ice on my roof is melting as I write this.


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