Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 16th to 22nd

A good week behind me. Ran a nice even paced race at Malachi. Time was 3 seconds slower than last year...but everyone else seemed to be 15 to 25 seconds maybe I ran better?? Felt in control and steady. No real kicking speed, but no kidding. All marathon paced stuff to date. Nice to see everyone again.

Pittsburgh has been overwhelmed with entrants so they are going to put a cap on the race. Glad we got in when we did.

Kudos to Akron and Cleveland State for getting in the NCAA tourney. Will be fun to watch.

Shuttle goes up tonight. We had passes to see the launch from NASA last month before all of the delays. Hope all goes well.

Green Jewel 50K is on Saturday. 23 miles of a planned workout..then going to either chill or stay steady to the end.

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 2 mile w/u + 8 mile tempo + 2 mile c/d
Wed: 9 miles group run
Thu: 4 miles easy
Fri: 5 miles easy
Sat: 50K (31 miles) - 8 miles easy + 8 miles MP + 1 mile T + 4 miles MP + 1 mile T + 1 mile MP + finish it out.
Sun: 12 miles easy. Probably crawl on the trails.


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